Table Top Advertisement Campaign - The most effective way to engage, connect and rewards our diners with the First Impression.

First Impression matters, the more you see, the more you remember.
Engaging our diners through Table Top First Impression.

Table Top Advertisement Impression

We are the New Generation Media Owners that connect advertisers to one of the most effective advertisements spaces with direct engagement to our 5 million unique diners through our Table Top first impression Adspace. Riglobe Media also provide optional services such as design, printing, and installation for our advertisers.

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Targeted Audience

The right audience matters. Tabletop advertisement space is the first impression when it comes to dining in our F&B location.

Immediate interaction opportunities to drive traffic to our advertiser’s social media, websites and even increase Apps Downloads.

Customize Your Table Design

WIth Riglobe Media, we are able to customize any sizes table top stickers for all our advertisers.

Design & Production

With our team of designing and content creation experts, we provide end to end solution from consultation to storyboard planning and to production.

Effective Sales Support

Our Elites Team are our greatest assets. Driven and passionate, our people constantly challenge the boundaries of Digital Out of Home (OOH) to make great ideas happen by helping the advertisers to connect with people through interactive ads.